International Teams – More Information & Uploads


Design Guidelines

3D Designs must be in STL or OBJ format (200mb Max File Size)

Naming convention for stl’s should be as follows:

[medical] or [tool] [group name] [location][devicename] e.g.


Guidelines for submission of video/3D model/Concept

Concept/Diagrams should be uploaded HERE clearing stating your group name

Each group must submit a 1-2 minute video and provide email link to where it will then be uploaded to a or upload directly HERE

MP4, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook videos are supported. Video should cover

Who is your group (inc location)
Which category– medical / tools your group have focused on
Name/Type of device you have chosen to design and why
Challenges faced
Drawing / 3D Model / 3D Print

Scoring criteria for submissions

Judging Panel to review all submissions and score based on the following criteria:

1. Innovativeness / Uniqueness
2. Appropriateness for use in space
3. Design quality
4. 3D Printability (Quality, time, amount of material)

Top 5 selected groups will be notified by 8PM Central European Time on the 21st of October via the lead email address provided with their time slot for presentation on the 24th of October.

Finalist Preparation of presentations

Notified finalists should prepare a 15 minute presentation for the Judging panel over Skype video. This could include a PowerPoint Presentation that contains details and images of the design.

Finalist Presentations to judging panel

Top 5 groups to give a 15 minute presentation over Skype Video to the Judging Panel (sharing screens if they wish to show a slide deck)

9AM CST – Finalist 1
9.30AM CST – Finalist 2
10AM CST – Finalist 3
10.30AM CST – Finalist 4
11AM CST – Finalist 5